Champlain Farms

Environmental Commitment

A healthy environment benefits everyone, and our company recognizes the obligation to serve as responsible stewards of the precious resources available to us. Minimizing waste, reducing environmental impact, and promoting proactive prevention are worthy goals that help to continuously improve the fuel oil industry.

Champlain Farms strives to achieve these goals through a variety of ways including their innovative approach to heating and cooling systems.  Champlain Farms has eco-friendly cooler systems that maximize efficiency and save energy. The Freeaire refrigeration process, developed locally, uses a sophisticated computer to take advantage of Vermont winters by drawing cold air into the cooling system. Reducing the use of the compressor system allows the coolers to operate more effectively with lower electricty consumption.

From increasing the efficiency of our stores through innovative heating and cooling systems, to investing in state of the art safety equipment, Champlain Farms endeavors to protect and strengthen the communities it serves.


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